Algorithms for the modeling and processing of CRISPR screens:

Guide-RNA design algorithms:

Algorithms for modeling single-cell CRISPR screens:

  • scMAGeCK*: Linking genotypes with multiple phenotypes in single-cell RNA-seq based CRISPR screens. [bioRxiv 2019][code]

Algorithms for RNA-seq transcriptome assembly:

  • IsoLasso*: A lasso regression approach to RNA-seq based transcriptome assembly. [RECOMB & JCB 2011][code]
  • CEM*: Transcriptome Assembly and Isoform Expression Level Estimation from Biased RNA-Seq Reads. [Bioinformatics 2011][code]
  • ISP*: Accurate inference of isoforms from multiple sample RNA-Seq data. [APBC & BMC genomics 2015][code]
  • IsoInfer: Inference of isoforms from short sequence reads using combinatorial optimization. [RECOMB & JCB 2010]


*  Softwares where we are the major contributors.