Lab News

  • 2019.2 Our MAGeCKFlute paper is online at Nature Protocols.
  • 2019.1 Wei was awarded the Research Starter Grant in Informatics from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of American Foundation (PhRMA)! Thanks Shirley and Myles for the support!
  • 2019.1 Our collaboration paper (iBAR) with Wensheng Wei lab (Peking University) was published at Genome Biology (Wei is a co-author). Thanks to the teams of Wei lab!
  • 2019.1 Welcome GWU master students Lin Yang and Sitong Chen!
  • 2018.10 Our collaboration paper with Myles Brown lab was accepted by Cancer Cell (Wei is a co-author).
  • 2018.8 Wei gave a talk at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Genome Engineering: The CRISPR/Cas9 Evolution meeting.
  • 2018.6 Our CSK paper was accepted by PNAS (Wei is a co-first author). That’s one of the fruitful outcomes from our collaboration with Myles Brown lab. Thanks Tengfei (Ted) Xiao for his great work!
  • 2018.6 The MAGeCKFlute paper was accepted by Nature Protocol (Wei is a co-corresponding author). Thanks Binbin Wang, Wubing Zhang, and Feizhen Wu for the hard work!
  • 2018.5 Our MAGeCK-NEST paper was accepted by Bioinformatics (Wei is a co-corresponding author). Thanks Chen-Hao for the hard work!